Top 3 Tips for Workout Motivation
    Top 3 Tips for Workout Motivation
    Exercise can be stressful, frustrating, and overwhelming... but it doesn't have to be.

    It doesn't have to suck. There are ways to make it fun, enjoyable, and exciting.
    You have the power to transform your fitness journey into one that lights you up and empowers you.

    If want to finally feel motivated to workout, these top 3 tips are for you.


    1. Get your workout in FIRST THING in the morning.


    Marissa Peer is famous for saying, "successful people do the things they hate first." This is a powerful saying that has totally transformed many of my clients lives and my own.

    When you workout FIRST THING (aka before you do ANYTHING else), you start your day with a huge win. When you start your day with a huge health win, you will be more likely to make positive, healthy decisions all day long. 
    The longer you wait to workout... the more excuses to not do it arise. By the end of the day, you get tired, busy, or social plans come up and you just say, "screw it!" and end up skipping another day of movement. When you move your body first thing, you eliminate majority of these BS excuses. You just get it over with and move on with your day!
    Lastly, starting your day with movement, clears up mental space! When you don't enjoy working out but you have an exercise class booked for 7 pm, you tend to think negative thoughts about how you don't want to do it all day long. On the other hand, if you workout first thing, you barely have any time to think about it at all. You just get your a** into gear and GO.
    2. Schedule your workouts at the beginning of your week.


    When you put something on your schedule, it is 100x more likely to actually happen. When you say, "I am going to workout 5x this week," but have no clear plan, it is not very likely to happen (especially if it is something that you don't enjoy yet).


    When you plan what days and times you are going to workout, you set yourself up for major success. To take this tip to the next level, also plan what types of workouts you are going to do in those time slots.


    To put this tip into action, pick a day and time every week where you will take 10-15 minutes to plan your workouts and healthy actions for the week. Sundays are a great day to do this so that you are all set for the week by the time Monday morning rolls around. 

    3. Find workouts that you actually enjoy.


    Maybe you've tried yoga and you hated it... THAT IS OKAY!

    Maybe you have tried lifting and you just couldn't wait for it to be over... IT'S ALL GOOD!

    Maybe you gave Zumba a shot and it totally sucked for you... DON'T BEAT YOURSELF UP!

    When it comes to exercise, there is something for everybody. 

    It's your job to just keep trying until you find the workout that works for you.


    Don't force yourself to be consistent with a type of exercise you absolutely hate. That will never last. 


    And don't listen to people that say you need to do one specific type of exercise to lose weight. That just isn't true.


    I've had clients that lost tons of weight by doing all different types of workouts. Some of my clients have thrived on their weight loss journey from walking and some have thrived from lifting. Some have found major success through dancing and others through hiking.


    The common denominator here is that all of my clients who have successfully built consistency when it comes to movement is that they found something they actually enjoyed!


    You can too. I promise.


    Working out doesn't have to suck.


    When you schedule your workouts at the beginning of the week, get them done first thing before anything else, and find types of movement that you actually enjoy, consistency will get a whole lot easier.


    You deserve to live your best life in a body that you love and feel connected to... these tips will help you get there with more ease and flow.


    You got this, babe. I believe in you.


    To becoming the happiest healthiest version of you,

    Megan Moriarty


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