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Stepping into Confidence

Hypnosis for Stepping into Confidence | $27

Confidence is the one thing that affects all areas of your life. This powerful hypnosis audio was created to build your self-confidence at a deep level. After listening to this audio, you will start to show up as the bold, empowered version of you in all areas of your life.

Releasing Anxiety

Hypnosis for Releasing Anxiety | $27

Imagine breaking through the negative thought patterns that hold you back in all areas of your life. Imagine being able to automatically focus on positivity, love, and joy...

This hypnosis audio was created for anyone who is sick of struggling with anxiety, constant stress, negative thoughts, and overwhelm.

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Reduce Your Wine-ing Hypnosis Audio | $27

This hypnosis audio was created for anyone who wants to take back their control over wine, not necessarily quit drinking. Taking back your control over wine is empowering because you will begin to choose when you actually want to drink instead of just drinking out of habit. The more you listen to this audio, the more you will connect with the version of you that doesn’t need to drink to relax or have fun. 

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Public Speak Like a BOSS Hypnosis Audio | $27

Can you imagine walking into a presentation with complete confidence? What would it be like to talk in front of others without stuttering or having sweaty palms? This hypnosis audio will guide you to naturally become the confident version of you who can speak in front of anyone, anytime, anywhere!