I grew up with parents that were hyper-focused on diet, exercise, and looks.

At 12 years old, I was already trying diets, constantly trying to “fix” my body, and always picking out all the things I didn’t like about myself when I looked in the mirror.

hyper focused
mindset about food

This mindset about food, my body, and my looks just worse and worse as the years went on. In high school, I remember putting on this front like I didn’t care about anything. When the reality was I cared about so much. It was just that I cared so much about the wrong things.

I put all of my thoughts and energy into thinking about what others thought of me, judging myself, trying to look cool, my looks, and my food obsession. I was so focused on all of these things that it was impossible to think about anything else that was actually important.

When I went away to college, my low self-esteem and self-confidence got even worse.

I was eating more, partying more, and that’s when my weight really started to fluctuate.

I would overeat and over drink at school and feel terrible about myself and then go home for breaks and be super restrictive and just not enjoy my life. It was a vicious cycle that I was stuck in for years.

I was always people pleasing and saying yes to people when I didn’t want to because I lacked confidence and was scared to speak up for what I really wanted.

I found myself constantly comparing myself to all of the other gorgeous girls at school and the negative self-talk was getting worse.

Even though I have always been an outgoing person at heart, I found myself being super self-conscious and not letting my personality shine through in social situations.

At parties, meetings, and events
I would find myself thinking…


Everyone here likes my friends more than they like me.

I am not pretty enough to be here.

Everyone is thinking about how much weight I gained.

What if I am so awkward and have nothing to say to anyone?

Why am I being so weird and overthinking everything?


I was just so negative and judgmental towards myself and I carried this negative with me everywhere I went. Even when I was having a “good time,” these annoying thoughts were still in the back of my mind.

Then one day in class, my favorite professor played,

The Secret…

This was the first time in my life that I had ever heard that your thoughts become things and that you actually have power over your life.

About Megan

Most of the kids in the class weren’t paying attention or were making fun of it but I was FREAKING OUT!

This short documentary gave me hope. For the first time, I felt like could overcome my shitty relationship with food, body image, and self-esteem.

It was the very beginning of me realizing that I came to this world to create an amazing freaking life and that it was time to make some changes.

I began to change my thoughts, how I spoke to myself, how I spoke about myself and my life to others, and what information I was filling my mind with.

Because of all of this inner-work, my life started to transform much quicker than I expected.

Fast forward 2018, I started my coaching and hypnotherapy business because of two things:

First, at that point, I had spent years diving DEEP into personal growth and spirituality. I was constantly reading books, taking courses, and going to seminars. I had sooo much knowledge on how to help others become the most badass version of themselves that I just knew I had to share it with the world.

Megan Moriarty

Second, from taking in all of this personal growth and spiritual content, I often found things that I didn’t like. I didn’t like how complicated so many teachers made things. I didn’t enjoy boring webinars. I didn’t love how serious some teachers made everything seem to be. After some work, I was back to my true, outgoing, bubbly self and I was ready to show the world that transforming into the best version of you can be totally fun and enjoyable.

I had totally turned my mindset, body, and life around and was ready to use my experience to guide clients towards the same (without having to deal with all the trial and error and guessing games that I had to).


MEGAN MORIARTY is a Hypnotherapist and coach that guides clients from all over the world to step into the best version of themselves.

Along with being a Hypnotherapist and coach, Megan, is really passionate about exercise and movement. After college, she moved home to run her family’s yoga and barre studio. At her time there, she used all of her manifestation and mindset knowledge to bring the studio from struggling to having an overflow of clients within no time!

Currently, she is a Pilates and HIIT teacher at CAMP (voted best gym in Tampa). She is also a founder of, Yogi Euphoria, an event business that hosts yoga raves (think yoga class mixed with edm raves) all around Floria.

Megan works with clients privately through her 3-month Life Makeover program where she helps you reset your life into one that you are totally obsessed and in love with.

She is also the creator of a variety of group programs about spiritual weight loss, healing your relationship with food, and becoming the badass, consistent version of you.

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