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Hi! My name is

Megan Moriarty

I am so freaking pumped that you are here! Before you dive into my website, I wanted to introduce myself to you so that you can get to know me a little better!

I was raised by really health-conscious parents. In so many ways this was great, but unfortunately it lead me to get obsessed with dieting and constantly trying to manipulate my body at a really young age. By the time I got to college, my relationship with food and my body was a total sh*t show.

During this time of my life, lots of other areas of my life were struggling too. I was totally lacking when it came to self-confidence, was single AF and didn’t feel worthy of my dream relationship, had zero balance in my life, and so many other areas just felt like they were falling apart. So if that’s how you are feeling about your life right now, I get it, I’ve totally been there.

Long story short, I got sick of not feeling good in my own skin and not letting the true me shine. The Universe must have felt my fed up energy and brought a professor into my life that taught me about, The Secret, a documentary all about how you have the power to change your life through your thoughts and energy. Since the day I watched that documentary, my life has never been the same (thank god).

From healing my own sh*t show life, I created a clear process that takes me from feeling like a disaster to thriving (quickly). This process has healed my life and now I share it with others so that they can up-level too! But don’t just take my word for it, here are some testimonials from some of my amazing clients…

What clients are saying about working together

Heather C.

I have never tried hypnotherapy before working with Megan. Megan is a gifted practitioner who listens intently and hones in on deep-seated issues of healing. I have quickly experienced great results on issues with self-love, life purpose, and overeating. Megan is comfortable to be with, asks the right questions to guide the process easily, and shows empathy, concern and support. She has a great deal of spiritual wisdom. Hypnotherapy combined with coaching has proven to offer vast possibilities, which is why I am continuing to purchase additional sessions. In my opinion, Megan, is a lightworker who truly cares about helping her clients overcoming obstacles that have prevented them from living life to the fullest. She has helped me raise my vibration inside and out, for which I am truly grateful.

Heather C. Life Makeover Client
Natalie H.

Thank you so much Megan for the last 30 days of mindset changes, growth, and support! You truly are made for this work and I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and seeing the results! It is possible to lose weight easily, without starving, counting calories, busting ass in the gym way too much or any of the other negative ways we’ve been conditioned to think are needed. During Think Yourself T.H.I.N., I not only lost 9.4 pounds, I gained so much more. I am so excited to keep up with the habits that I cultivated throughout this time. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of Megan, her knowledge, and TYT. There is no chance that you will regret it!

Natalie H. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Lindsay S.

Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Program literally changed me. My mindset on food and healthy eating has completely shifted. I have more confidence, more workout motivation, and I am no longer eating when I am not hungry!! I lost about 10 pounds and feel SO GOOD! Everyone says that I am glowing and look amazing. I am so happy! I am not even hungry these days! It’s amazing! I was struggling so bad before.

Lindsay S. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Susanne R.

I tried hypnotherapy for the first time with Megan. I was hoping it would help me with sleeping issues and trying not to overthink everything while trying to fall back to sleep. I had no idea what to expect but I was open to the experience. After the very first time I left feeling so calm and more relaxed than I had in years. It has helped me so much and I am so thankful for Megan. She makes you feel so comfortable and I would recommend her to anyone.

Susanne R. Stress, Anxiety, & Sleep Client
Meghan M.

What a perfect morning to have my hypnotherapy session with Megan. I went in with such a heavy heart and feelings this morning, however I’m leaving with so much love and high vibrations. She always takes her time with me and never makes me feel rushed. I always feel at ease and comfortable at our sessions!

Meghan M. Life Makeover Client
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.12.23 AM

After many years of kidding myself that I was on the right track, I knew I needed to find a natural program for my lifestyle changes... It seemed like the start of 2021 was a perfect time! That is when I was introduced to Megan Moriarty’s Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Program! I am so glad I signed up for this program! It starts with Megan’s energy and optimism. When you have someone as excited and happy about making positive changes in your every day habits with the compassion and drive that Megan has, it motivates you to make changes in your lifestyle without much effort. Megan provides hypnotherapy sessions that are fun, relaxing and structured for your personal success! The whole program gets you thinking about what is really important... YOU! I just want everyone to know that if they have an opportunity to sign up for this program, they will feel better about themselves and enjoy every step of improving their wellbeing and personal relationships. I lost over 10 lbs in this program in one month and have kept if off! It was easy following the basic principles that Meg teaches. I would encourage anyone looking for a healthy approach to losing weight and improving their lifestyle to sign up Today!

Marcus M. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Screen Shot 2022-03-09 at 8.06.03 AM

I enrolled in the Think Yourself T.H.I.N. program with Megan not knowing what to expect. I was so impressed with the program! I never thought losing weight would be fun, engaging and so rewarding!! TYT is a comprehensive program. It has all the elements of working on your mind, body and more. I feel like a new person after the program. I've developed new habits along with a mindset shift from the valuable hypnosis audios! Those were great! I took the time to concentrate on myself and being the best I can be. My inflammation in my hands went away and I lost 6.8 lbs because I was eating well, exercising and cut out a lot of sugar. I will continue to use what I learned in TYT. Thanks Megan! You're the best!

Susan L. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Lisa M.

What a great way to start 2021! Thanks to Megan’s Think Yourself T.H.I.N. program, I am working out every day and feeling more and more like my pre-pandemic self. Her program gave me the skills I needed to make a positive, healthy shift. This is just what I needed to take on 2021 and show it who’s boss. My clothes are fitting better. My body is moving more confidently and easily. My back and sciatica issues are reduced and getting more and more under control. I’m hitting all of my goals each week and I’m talking more kindly to myself. I am excited and motivated every day now and I’m feeling more and more like myself and I’m loving that. So are my husband and daughter. I love the accountability and the weekly goals. I thrive on that kind of stuff. My 45th birthday is coming in a few weeks and now I feel much more ready for it. I’m proud of how far I’ve come in a few short weeks and I’m loving that this is not a diet but a lifestyle change.

Lisa M. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Robin M.

I found the TYT Program to be so awesome on so many levels due to the layers of the program. Megan is such a great, motivated leader and her spirit is infectious. The community aspect made it fun and kept you accountable which is so helpful for keeping with the program. The hypnotherapy just takes this program next-level and makes it so easy to do because it comes so much easier to feel motivated and make good decisions from a subconscious level. The other thing that made it multi-dimensional were to fitness classes and yoga classes. They were fun, modifiable and effective. This program is all around amazing! On top of all of that, this program is helped my marriage so much! We are like newlyweds, just so happy because we are feeling so energized, fit, and healthy.

Robin M. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Chrissy D.

You are changing my life. It is wild how hypnotherapy works. It’s so legit! I don’t even think about the things that I used to think about. It’s all second nature and I love it. Your workouts are making me so sore too!

Chrissy D. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Sandy W.

My goal this past summer was to make better food and alcohol choices to feel better and lose weight. I was hypnotized by Megan several times and found myself eating much more healthy. After working together, I began making healthy choices daily and lost 10 pounds! Megan was very professional, informative and supportive during this process. My previous attempts to try hypnotherapy failed. So I am so glad that I found something that finally worked for me! I am so grateful for Megan's guidance and expertise.

Sandy W. Weight Loss Client
Emma M.

Think Yourself T.H.I.N. helped me tremendously, both mentally and physically. I lost 6 pounds of weight (in one month) that I wasn’t able to get off for a year! I regained control over the food I eat, stopped craving that late night sugar, and I have the motivation to move my body every single day. Along with the shift in eating habits, I gained confidence and happiness in my everyday life. I now fit into that outfit that I was picturing the whole month! I am so happy to carry this new found motivation with me for as long as I can!! Megan is amazing!

Emma M. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Ellen S.

Megan is an “Earth Angel,” she guides you gently to your best self with positivity, compassion and sensitivity. She has been instrumental in my success on my weight-loss journey.

Ellen S. Weight Loss Client
Lindsay C.

Thank you Megan!! I feel like I have a new body and mind. I feel more confident and in control of how I move my body and what I put in it. I’ve really reconnected with myself and I’d give this program a 1000000/10!! This program has been truly amazing and has taught me a lot about myself!

Lindsay C. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client
Colleen M.

Think yourself T.H.I.N. was everything I didn’t know I needed. This program is awesome for anyone looking to be healthier in any capacity. Megan does a fantastic job in guiding you through how to make smarter decisions and listen to your body. The program is easy to follow, has fun activities, and honestly flies by. I loved the program and thought everything was well thought out. I finally learned that it can be easy to make good decisions and gained more confidence in putting myself first. Do yourself a favor and sign up for TYT today!

Colleen M. Think Yourself T.H.I.N. Client