Hypnosis is Easy, Natural, and Will Help You Transform Fast.
    Hypnosis is Easy, Natural, and Will Help You Transform Fast.
    Hypnosis is not some crazy state that some people can obtain and others cannot. It is actually a very natural state that is easily attainable.


    The definition of hypnosis according to Merriam Webster is: a trancelike state that resembles sleep. It is a state where your conscious mind begins to drift off and your subconscious mind (where 90%+ of your brainpower is held) is the star of the show.


    Even though you may not be aware of it, you are actually in hypnosis multiple times through out your day every single day. 


    Here are some examples of when you are in hypnosis every day:


    1. When you are daydreaming.


    When you are daydreaming, you are in a light trance state. In this state, you are slightly aware of what is going on around you, but you are really in your own world. This is very similar to what you experience in a hypnotherapy session.

    2. The first 15 minutes after you wake up.


    The first 15 minutes of your day, you are adjusting from being fully asleep to fully awake. During this (about) 15 minute process, you are in hypnosis.


    PRO TIP: In hypnosis, your mind is very open to new information. You can use this 15-minute time slot to your advantage by saying or writing positive things about yourself and your life. When you practice positive thoughts and affirmations when in hypnosis, they stick into your mind much faster.


    3. The last 15 minutes of your day before you fall asleep.


    This is very similar to point #2. At the very end of your day, you go from being fully awake to falling into a deep sleep. The 15 minutes in between both of these states is... you guessed it: HYPNOSIS!


    You can also use these 15 minutes of hypnosis to your advantage! Right before you fall asleep, imagine yourself crushing your goals with ease and you will bring it into your reality in no time!


    4. When you are drive from point A to point B... but have no recollection of getting there. 


    Has this even happened to you? You get to your destination and think, "How the hell did I make it here? I barely remember that drive at all!"


    This is very common and has a very simple explanation. You subconscious mind (which holds 90%+ of your brain power) is where you automatic behaviors, habits, actions, beliefs, and thoughts are stored. Because most of us drive often, it becomes an automatic behavior. When something becomes an automatic behavior, you don't have to put much thought or effort into it.


    When your subconscious mind is ruling the show, your conscious mind (your present  awareness) has a tendency to daydream and wander off. 


    This is another perfect example of hypnosis because you are kind of aware, kind of not, and your subconscious mind is working her magic.


    5. When you are so engulfed in a movie that you feel like you're there.


    Your subconscious mind is where you can access your imagination. When you are so engulfed in a movie, that you feel like you are there, you start to become totally unaware of what is actually going on around you. 


    This is an example of hypnosis because you are so involved in the movie, that you enter a trance state. 




    These 5 examples show you that hypnosis is natural and easy to obtain.


    This is GREAT news for you.


    As said before, when you are in hypnosis, your subconscious mind is very receptive to new information. If you want to create positive transformation in your life fast, utilize this powerful state to accomplish your goals with ease, flow, and grace!


    You got this,

    Megan Moriarty


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