A 21-day program for those who know what they have to do but just can't get themselves to do it.

  • Have tried... and failed... and tried... and failed... (over & over) when it comes to eating healthier and moving your body.
  • Can easily be consistent for the first few days of a health kick but the second all the stress and excuses come up just says, "Screw it!"
  • Want to feel more confident and energized but just can't stop holding yourself back no matter how badly you really want it.
  • Lets your lazy, unproductive habits rule your life.

If this is you and you are finally over it and ready to become the happiest, healthiest version of yourself once and for all... you are in the right place.

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Hey love,

I'm Megan and I am so pumped that you're here.

I’ve been in your position before. For years my weight was always going up and down and I had NO control over food.

Nothing worked and it was freaking miserable. My food and weight used to totally consume all of my thoughts and energy.


  • Takes healthy, positive action towards her goals every single day.
  • Gives her energy to her vision rather than her excuses.
  • Enjoys taking positive daily action because she knows that it is creating her dream life.
  • Surrounds herself with other motivated, consistent, bad asses who empower her to be her best!
  • Knows she is worthy and deserving of her dream body and life.
  • Walks with confidence and carries powerful magnetic energy.
  • Carries the energy of, "If anyone can do this, it's me!!!"
Are you ready to embody her?




Those goals that you find yourself constantly daydreaming about... are yours for a reason. It's your job to achieve them in this lifetime.

Over the course of this 21-day program, you will breakthrough all the blocks, excuses, and resistance that has been holding you back from being the most consistent, badass version of you.

Think Yourself CONSISTENT AF will get your conscious mind on board with consistency through daily classes and tips.

But even more importantly, Think Yourself Consistent AF will get your subconscious mind (the most powerful part of your brain that rules your life) on board though Hypnotherapy. This is the key ingredient that 99% of courses miss.


Upon joining you’ll gain immediate access to all of the Think Yourself CONSISTENT AF content. You can complete the classes 21 days in a row or take it at your own pace. Once purchased, you will have access to all of the content and it's updates for life!



On getting to the root of your consistency blocks, building motivation and consistency at a deep level, and connecting with your vision

VALUE: $1,000


These share Megan's top consistency tips that have only ever been shared before with her private and group clients

VALUE: $2,000


These fun assignments align with your lesson of the day and will pump you up to make moves

VALUE: $2,000

Bonus hypno sessions and classes that will take you to the NEXT LEVEL!




This is not a surface-level program. Think Yourself CONSISTENT AF goes deep so that
you can breakthrough your excuses and laziness FOR GOOD.


Week 1 of Consistent AF is all about healing the past so that you can move forward with confident, empowered energy. In this week's hypno sessions, you will get to the root of what's been holding you back thus far. You will also check-in with your consistency beliefs and learn the foundational consistency tips.


This week of the program includes Megan's famous Motivation & Consistency hypno session. This is a session she does with almost all of her private clients and it works like MAGIC. In this week of the program, Megan shares her consistency hacks that she have only ever been shared with her private clients before creating this program.


Week 3 of Consistent AF is all about connecting with YOUR VISION. This is the most important module of the program because having a strong vision is what will keep you going when you want to quit. This week of the program also includes Megan's #1 eating healthy and #1 movement motivation tips. If you want to drop lbs, these tips alone will transform your weight loss journey.

Imagine what your life (and body) looks like when you finally stick to the health kick once and for all. Imagine a life where you are just easily living a healthy, motivated lifestyle. You don't have to stress about it anymore because it is just who you are. It's natural. You're taking CONSISTENT action for months, loving your workouts, choosing healthy food without thinking twice, and feeling more confident than you have in YEARS.
That's what your reality looks like on the other side of Think Yourself Consistent AF.


Emma M.

Working with Megan has transformed my life in ways that I wouldn’t even imagine it to. It helped me let go of toxic people in my life because I realized my own self-worth and embodied that in such a short amount of time. At such a young age, it feels so empowering to now be such a confident young woman and be able to take care of myself every single day both physically and mentally. I am now able to push myself in workouts and realize how strong I was when I would sell myself short before. It is such a powerful program and although it will carry with me for the rest of my life, I want to do it again because I feel better than ever before.

Devin G.

I am incredibly thankful that my coworkers told me about you. Even after the first session, I felt different. Before working together, I was frustrated, tense, and on edge. Now I am feeling amazing. I have not felt this good for as long as I can remember. I know there is work ahead of me but I already feel lifted and almost bubbly. I was a little skeptical but I really have not felt this good for a long time. Thank you so much. I can finally see my way to gettin my life back.

Heather C.

I have never tried hypnotherapy before working with Megan. Megan is a gifted practitioner who listens intently and hones in on deep-seated issues of healing. I have quickly experienced great results on issues of self-worth, life purpose, and overeating. Megan is comfortable to be with, asks the right questions to guide the process easily, and shows empathy, concern, and support. She has a great deal of spiritual wisdom. Hypnotherapy combined with coaching has proven to offer vast possibilities, which is why I am continuing to purchase additional sessions. In my opinion, Megan, is a light worker who truly cares about helping her clients overcome obstacles that have prevented them from living life to the fullest. She has helped me to raise my vibration inside and out, for which I am truly grateful.



My love, there is never the perfect time and you deserve to live your happiest, healthiest life right now. The only thing you need to DECIDE is to TAKE ACTION now. I will guide you through the rest.


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$122 x 6 Monthly Payments

I can't wait to guide you towards fast, fun,
and easy food freedom.

P.S. I encourage you to stop saying you can’t afford it when you know that the truth is that you can’t afford not to.

The time is now babe...