Are you tired of constantly battling cravings and food stress even though you know they are just holding you back from your happiest, healthiest life?

  • Feels totally out of control when it comes to food. You have figured out how to control everything in your life except this one thing and it drives you CRAZY.
  • Thinks you may actually be addicted to food - it's on your mind 24/7
  • Is constantly battling cravings
  • Cannot go a single night without dessert
  • Feels like your eating habits are causing you to pack on the pounds
  • Knows that unhealthy foods make you feel like shit but you still eat it them every day (and regret it immediately after)

If this is you and you are ready to achieve food freedom FOR GOOD, you are in the right place.

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Hey love,

I'm Megan and I am so pumped that you're here.

I’ve been in your position before. For years my weight was always going up and down and I had NO control over food.

Nothing worked and it was freaking miserable. My food and weight used to totally consume all of my thoughts and energy.


  • Want that easy, stress-free relationship with food that you feel like so many others have for yourself
  • Want to be able to treat yourself a little and then stop with ease without it turning into a whole bingeing situation.
  • Want to be able to choose healthy foods with ease (even when there's tons of unhealthy options around you).
  • Want to CRAVE healthy, nutritious foods
  • Want food freedom once and for all
  • Are open to a spiritual approach to healing your relationship with food

I feel you!

You want to just be able to enjoy food without feeling guilty. You want to be able to go out with friends without getting totally stressed out about calories and eating the perfect sized portions. You want to be able to enjoy to a single cookie without going crazy and eating 20.

I've been there. I know exactly where you are at. And I know exactly how to guide you to drop your food struggles for good.

Imagine a day where you've totally taken back CONTROL over food and your life. A day where food is EASY, stress free, and something to be enjoyed.


It's time to dive deep into transforming your food mindset
on a mind, body, and soul level.


Upon joining you’ll gain immediate access to all of the Drop the Food Struggle content. Take the classes at whatever pace feels good for you but it is highly encouraged to take them in order because they all build on one another. Once purchased, you will have access to all of the content and it's updates for life!



First you will get to the root of your sugar struggles, then you will embody the version of you who naturally craves healthy foods that make you look and feel amazing

VALUE: $1,500


To rewire your mind towards total food freedom, health, and wellness

VALUE: $197


To guide you towards deep realizations about your relationship with food, yourself, and your life

VALUE: $197


You will learn all the practical and spiritual tips that you could ever need to overcome your stressful relationship with food once and for all

VALUE: $1,500


And all of it's updates



Through Hypnotherapy, coaching calls, deep inner reflection, you will leave this program
with 100% confidence that all your food struggles are a thing of the past.




So you know exactly what's up and how to make this digital program work for you.


This session is all about getting to the root of how, where, when, and why your relationship with food got off track. Once you become aware of that, you can heal it, and move on with a totally clear slate.


This coaching call goes deep on forgiving yourself, forgiving the past, and beginning the break up with food process.



In this session you will realize at a subconscious-level, that comfort foods aren't really that comfy after all. This session will start to build your sense of control over all food.


In this coaching call, you will learn all the food tips that have taken Megan from food overwhelm to food freedom!



In this session, you will connect with deep self-love. When you truly love yourself, you will want to fill yourself with perfect portions of healthy foods because you know you deserve to feel good 24/7.


In this coaching call, you will learn how to keep it real during the holidays and while traveling. You will also dive into mindful eating!



In this session, you will decide what kind of future you want to be available for. This is the most powerful session of the program and will open your eyes to the damage you are creating by letting food rule your life.


In this call, you dive deep into healing your life. When your relationship with food is off, it's just a sign that some areas of your life need some love and and attention.

Sure you could try find food freedom on your own, but realistically would you actually stick to the journey? And if yes, how long will it take you? Drop the Sugar Struggle is for women who want to heal their relationship with food (for good) in an easy, fun, and supportive way.

Within 4 weeks you will have all the tools you need to have complete control over what you put on your plate and in your mouth– no more wishing and hoping!

Now it's time to imagine what life looks like on the other side of Drop the Food Struggle...

It's just a few weeks from right now and...
  • You are feeling healthier and more energized than you have in years
  • You go out to eat and actually enjoy the experience.
  • The bloating, the cravings, the food obsession is all gone! It’s in the past - for good!
  • You're able to eat one cookie and then walk away with ease!
  • You crave healthy, nutritious foods that make you feel amazing
  • You stop eating when you are full without any effort at all
  • You've totally taken back control over food (and your life)
  • Your friends, family, and spouse are all commenting that you are GLOWING.


Marcus M.

After many years of kidding myself that I was on the right track, I knew I needed to find a natural program for my lifestyle changes... It seemed like the start of 2021 was a perfect time! That is when I was introduced to Megan Moriarty’s Program! I am so glad I signed up for this program! It starts with Megan’s energy and optimism. When you have someone as excited and happy about making positive changes in your every day habits with the compassion and drive that Megan has, it motivates you to make changes in your lifestyle without much effort. Megan provides hypnotherapy sessions that are fun, relaxing and structured for your personal success! The whole program gets you thinking about what is really important... YOU! I just want everyone to know that if they have an opportunity to sign up for this program, they will feel better about themselves and enjoy every step of improving their wellbeing and personal relationships. I lost over 10 lbs in this program in one month and have kept if off! It was easy following the basic principles that Meg teaches. I would encourage anyone looking for a healthy approach to losing weight and improving their lifestyle to sign up Today!

Lindsay S.

"This program literally changed me. My mindset on food and healthy eating has completely shifted. After 30 days, I have more confidence, more motivation, I am no longer eating when I am not hungry!! I lost about 10 pounds and feel SO GOOD! Everyone says that I am glowing and look amazing.  I am so happy! This program is just working so well. I am not overeating anymore. I am not even hungry these days! It’s amazing! I was struggling so bad before.

Natalie H.

Thank you so much Megan for the mindset changes, growth, and support! You truly are made for this work and I enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone and seeing the results! It is possible to lose weight easily, without starving, counting calories, busting ass in the gym way too much or any of the other negative ways we’ve been conditioned to think are needed. During Megan's program, I not only lost 9.4 pounds, I gained so much more. I am so excited to keep up with the habits that I cultivated throughout this time. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of Megan, her knowledge, and her programs. There is no chance that you will regret it!

Emma M.

Working with Megan has transformed my life in ways that I wouldn’t even imagine it to. It helped me let go of toxic people in my life because I realized my own self-worth and embodied that in such a short amount of time. At such a young age, it feels so empowering to now be such a confident young woman and be able to take care of myself every single day both physically and mentally. I am now able to push myself in workouts and realize how strong I was when I would sell myself short before. It is such a powerful program and although it will carry with me for the rest of my life, I want to do it again because I feel better than ever before.

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Your deserve to live a life where you are in control of food... not the other way around.

Right now, you are one click away from food freedom and a body you love.


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I can't wait to guide you towards fast, fun,
and easy food freedom.

P.S. I encourage you to stop saying you can’t afford it when you know that the truth is that you can’t afford not to.

The time is now babe...