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Think Yourself T.H.I.N.

đź–¤THRILLED about life again
đź–¤IN-TUNE with your body
đź–¤Love how you feel NAKED!
A fun weight loss program with NO strict diet or exercise plan, but amazing results!

90% of all people who lose weight regain it back… plus some.

(source: The International Coaching Federation, 2017)

This statistic is discouraging, but there is a way for you to be in that 10%.

In fact...

There is an easy way for you to succeed that involves no strict diet or exercise plan. Not kidding.

It’s all about getting your mind 100% on board with your weight loss success.

the truth is…

So many people fail when it comes to weight loss because they do not take the time to get their mind on board with weight loss success.

When you don’t get your mind on board…

You constantly battle with cravings and lack of motivation. You feel like you have no control over food. You keep losing and gaining back the same 20 pounds!

It’s more than frustrating…

But it doesn’t have to be like this for YOU. You can release those unwanted pounds quickly, easily, and PERMANENTLY

This may sound too good to be true… but let me explain.

When you sign up for Think Yourself Thin, the guessing game is over. This program is proven to get fast results that last.

Think Yourself Thin combines Hypnotherapy + Movement + Community to transform you at a mind, body, and soul level.

Megan Moriarty's venn diagram for weight loss

let's be honest…

A lot of weight loss programs make things way too complicated.

Nobody wants to spend their precious time constantly tracking calories and spending hours at the gym…

Think Yourself Thin keeps it simple because simple solutions are what get you actual results.

Megan  Moriarty on a mouton

But first… why should you pay any attention to what I'm sayin'?

I’ve been in your position before. For years my weight was always going up and down and I had no control over food.

I tried every diet out there, obsessed over everything that I ate, and spent way too much time working out.
Nothing worked and it was freaking miserable.

Then I discovered the simple solution that was there all along. All I had to do was get my mind right when it came to weight loss and my body would follow.

I now have total food freedom, exercise because I love my body (not because I hate it), and am constantly at my goal weight.

I’ve helped 100s of people achieve the same success.

Think Yourself Thin is everything that I have learned about successful weight loss wrapped up into an easy to follow, fun program.

This program is proven to guide you towards releasing the excess weight and gaining your life back!

Just imagine a day where you wake up in your dream body… Feeling so energized, strong, and confident…

Just imagine putting on that goal outfit looking in the mirror and thinking, “DAMN,I LOOK GOOD!”

This can be your reality if you join Think Yourself Thin.

I love Think Yourself Thin and it’s the best program that I have ever done. Truly.
— Susan L.

Now, Tell Me,
Do You:


Constantly deal with the inner battle of wanting to lose weight but feeling like you are your own worst enemy in the process?


Feel like you have no control over food? Do you find yourself mindlessly when you are not even hungry or overstuffing yourself to the point of discomfort?

walking man

Are you lacking in the motivation department? Is walking from the couch to the kitchen your daily exercise?

unhappy face

Struggle with consistency? You’re healthy for a week then automatically go back to your old ways the moment you have one little slip up?


Do you avoid the scale like the plague? Do you find yourself hiding behind others in photos because you are scared you are going to look big?

big boy

Are you just so frustrated with weight loss in general that you are sooooo close to just giving up?

Photo of Lisa

"What a great way to start 2021! Thanks to Megan's Think Yourself Thin Program, I am working out everyday and feeling more like my pre-pandemic self. Her program gave me the skills that I needed to make a positive, healthy shift."

- Lisa M.

Photo of Lindsay

"This program literally changed me. My mindset on food and healthy eating has completely shifted. After TYT, I have more confidence, more workout motivation, I am no longer eating when I am not hungry!! I lost about 10 pounds and feel SO GOOD! Everyone says that I am glowing and look amazing."

‍- Lindsay S.

Photo of Natalie

"During Think Yourself Thin, I not only lost 9.4 pounds, I gained so much more. I am so excited to keep up with the habits that I cultivated throughout this time. I highly recommend giving yourself the gift of Megan, her knowledge, and TYT. There is no chance that you will regret it!"

‍- Natalie H.

photo of Megan lounging

"So What Does Think Yourself Thin Include Anyways?

thumbs up

A private Think Yourself Thin FB Group


A PDF journal to guide you through the program

spiritual person meditation

6 weekly hypnosis sessions

head phones

Hypnosis audios to transform your mind, body, and soul at a subconscious level.

running people

Weekly live full body & yoga classes

hand shake

Accountability partner

zoom call

Group Zoom calls

person speaking

Guest speakers that are experts on health, wellness, self-love, self-worth

healthy apple and measuring tape

TONS of weight loss tips and inspiration

Think Yourself Thin Member Wins

Megan knows a thing or two about helping people lose weight FOR GOOD.
Check out a few of these wins that TYT members have achieved!


So, how much does it really cost?

Group Program

Think Yourself Thin is what you need if you want to fast-track your weight loss and become the BEST version of you.

After 6 weeks of Think Yourself Thin, you will feel better physically and mentally than you have in years. You will drop the habits that are holding you back from weight loss success and pick up new, healthy habits that make you feel really good every single day. You will feel happier and your confidence will be through the roof. You will lose 10+ pounds and the number on the scale will keep going down long after you complete the program.

6-Week Group Program


$366 EACH

Private Program

Are group settings not your thing?

Megan also guides clients through Think Yourself Thin 1-on-1. This includes 6 private Hypnotherapy sessions, 6 private movement classes, 6 end of the week pump-up calls, daily check-ins, tons of weight loss and wellness tips and guidance, and a pdf to guide you through the program.

6-Week Private Program


$699 EACH

Couples Private Program

Do you and your hunny both need to drop the lbs?

Megan also guides couples through Think Yourself Thin. This is an awesome experience to transform inside and out right alongside your partner. This includes 6 private Hypnotherapy sessions (each), 6 private movement classes (to take together), 6 end of the week pump-up calls (together), daily check-ins, tons of weight loss and wellness tips and guidance, and a pdf to guide you both through the program. Couples RAVE about this.

6-Week Couples Program


$1222 EACH

If you still want to learn more...