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  • Is frustrated with being stuck in the same place year after year.
  • Is constantly comparing her life to others and feeling like hers is inferior and sucky.
  • Talks down to herself and doubts herself and her abilities 24/7.
  • Is tired and lacks energy and motivation but knows that something has to change.
  • Just can't keep living like she's been living anymore. She knows there's a better way and she's ready to leave her BS in the past.

If this is you and you want to turn your sh*t show into your best life, then you are in the right place.

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Hey love,

I’m Megan and I am so excited you’re here!

After diving deep into personal growth and spirituality for 8 years and having spent the last 4 years supporting clients on the journey towards creating their happiest, healthiest, sexiest life, I know exactly what it takes to turn your shit show into your best life while actually having fun in the process.

Though I am not your average coach. I make things very simple and fun for you. I’ve been coached by people who make things complicated and drawn out. And I hated it. So I decided to switch things up and do things my way.

My programs combine coaching and hypnotherapy. Through inspiring and uplifting coaching methods, I get clients excited for all the up-leveling they will experience while working together. I use Hypnotherapy to help clients breakthrough blocks that may have been holding them back an entire lifetime and to get their subconscious mind on board for the new path they are now creating for themselves. Your subconscious mind rules your life, and if you do not work with it while trying to up-level your life, you will remain stuck until you do.

Personally, after years of struggling with confidence, body image, constant comparison, and helplessness, a teacher came into my life that opened my eyes to spiritual growth, personal development, and a whole new way of living. After years of diving deep into my own sh*t, I decided it was time for me to help others to sort their sh*t shows out as well. This is when I became a certified yoga teacher, fitness instructor, and then certified hypnotherapist. I have combined all of the certification programs, courses, books, client experience, and personal experience to create an exact blueprint for others to level-up all areas of their life. That blueprint is what I now call Life Makeover!

Though I am now a hypnotherapist and coach for others, I am still committed to my own personal growth and healing more than ever. I still am always enrolled in some kind of personal development program so that I can keep evolving into the best version of me for myself and my clients. The commitment to my own healing journey has greatly transformed who I am, the space I hold and the transformation I facilitate. My clients often say, “I thought you were going to just help me get out of a funk, this is that and so much more.” If you’re ready for that, to leave all the BS behind, step into your best self, and create your best life, I’m here to help you to do exactly that a helluva lot quicker than if you keep trying to go at it alone.


  • Feeling lost and want a game plan that will get you exactly where you need to be.
  • Frustrated and feel like you are getting no where while trying to fix your sh*t show alone.
  • So fed up that you are finally ready to take action and make moves towards your best life.
  • Ready to be the badass version of you that has the attitude, "if anyone can do it, it's me!!!!" When it comes to facing anything life throws at you.
  • Want to live a life that makes you feel excited to get out of bed in the morning every day!

I get it.

Maybe you've had some success with improving a couple areas of your life, but now you've lost motivation and hit a plateau. Many of my clients were  in the same place right before we started working together. Don't worry. You don't have to stay stuck in this place any longer. I’m here to help you step into the best version of you and guide you through my fun and simple method so that you can create a life that you are truly obsessed with with ease!

Sounds good?!

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In Life Makeover, we’ll work together to transform every single area of your life that you currently feel like needs some work. Over the course of these next three months, you will totally transform your mindset and get to a place where taking action towards your goals is easy and fun. This program is holistic and personalized to you.


  • 10 - 90-minute 1:1 coaching & hypnotherapy sessions (in person if you are in the Tampa Bay area or via Zoom) – where we dive deep into each area of your life that you want to transform. Each session ends with Hypnotherapy to really engrain the teachings and breakthroughs from the day!

  • Recordings of the hypnosis portion of each 1x1 session that you get to keep forever (these are PRICELESS)

  • 3 months of daily accountability text & voice memo accountability through WhatsApp (this is a total game changer and will help you crush your goals way faster than ever before)

  • Quarterly, monthly, and weekly goal setting (and crushing)
  • A long-term game plan that will keep you motivated and manifesting your vision long after the 3 months is over
  • 3 hypnosis audios from Megan's hypnosis library for FREE.

  • Fun and fearless guidance – From a coach who believes in you and your magic and supports you in creating a life that you are absolutely obsessed with.


This is not a cookie cutter program. The duration of our time together and each session is completely tailored to you, to meet you where you’re at and reach your goals. Some example topics include:


It's time to show up as the badass, empowered version of you in all situations.


When you become your own #1 cheerleader, and build your self-worth at a core level, you will be unstoppable


Are you caught up in bad habits that hold you back from what you really want? Megan will teach you how to let that sh*t go so that you can level up fast.


When you are constantly comparing yourself to others, you are disrespecting yourself. It's time to focus your energy on your life so that you can make it a great one!


Let's use the Universe and all of the magic that is available to you to manifest what you really want.


Are you struggling when it comes to your love life? This is one of Megan's specialties. After working with her, every man (or woman) will want you because the awesome energy that you will be radiating.


Are you always struggling when it comes to money? If so, money does not have to be like this for you. With some simple money mindset shifts, you will attract more abundance into your life with ease.


Are you lacking motivation when it comes to making healthy decisions? Are there things you want to improve about your body? Megan's got you.



  • You’ve totally overcome the beliefs and blocks that were keeping you from stepping into the best version of you.
  • You are naturally motivated (and actually excited) to take daily action towards your goals because you are radiating high-vibe energy!
  • You believe in yourself and your ability to create a life you are obsessed with.
  • You’re aligned with your purpose and filling your life with things you actually love.
  • You’ve let go of the people that bring you down and have made brand new connections with people who light you up!
  • You know exactly how to manifest every single thing that you desire with ease.
  • You walk into a room and heads turn because you radiate confident, beautiful energy.
  • You are inspiring those around you to take action towards their best life because they notice what a difference you are making in your own!
  • You’re feeling abundant and excited for the future.
  • You've finally crushed the goals that you were stuck on for years.
  • You've totally... completely... LEVELED THE F UP!


Meghan M.

Meghan started Life Makeover after ending a long-term abusive relationship. She wanted to heal her heartbreak, feel worthy of finally manifesting her dream relationship, build her business up after feeling blocked for years, get back into her healthy habits, and just reconnect with the best version of her that she felt like she long somewhere along the way.

Through hypnotherapy, coaching, accountability, tips, helpful resources, and of course the action that she took outside of the sessions, she achieved success in every single area. 

Her heart is mended, she now feels worthy of a soulmate kind of love and is dating with boundaries and intention, her hairdressing business is BOOMING and she is making more money than she has made in years, and she is reconnected with her body and reading it with love and respect through exercise and nutrition.

"Her program works."

Tracie L.

Tracie signed up for Life Makeover to finally get her coaching business up and running. She went to IIN years prior but could never find the motivation or time to take action on her certification. She felt totally stuck and overwhelmed not knowing where to start. 

During the program, Tracie got got clear on her offerings, got her website up, started posting consistently, and finally launched her business. But that was really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what she accomplished in the program. 

During Life Makeover, she got clear on her procrastination blocks, really dove into self-love, built deep inner-confidence, and so much more. By the end of the program she was GLOWING because she finally let go of all of the mental blocks and habits that were holding her back for a LIFETIME.

Michele K.

Michele signed up for Life Makeover when she was at a very low point.  She felt like everything in her world was falling apart. She had family drama, a man who wasn't giving her the love she deserves, and her youngest son was moving across the country for his senior year... it was A LOT. 

During the program, she finally forgave herself for things that were hanging over her head for her entire life, stopped trying to micromanage everything in her life, built faith in herself and a higher power, and started to vibrate at a higher frequency.

Just one week after the program, she reported that she had manifested her dream promotion and her boss said that she could take her position fully remote (which he was refusing for a long time). Because of this, she got the courage to sell her house in FLL (where she did not like living at all) and move across the country! HOLY MAGIC!


"Megan is a miracle worker."

Amanda B.

After Life Makeover, Amanda, has just completely leveled the F up. She went from being stuck living with her parents in CT to living in her dream apartment in Miami. She went from having a lack mindset when it came to money to trusting herself and the Universe and making more money than ever before. She went from feeling stressed and anxious to overflowing with joy and gratitude on a daily basis. She is now fully THRIVING and inspiring those around her to take their power back too!



My love, there is never the perfect time and you deserve to live the beautiful, bold, expansive life that you were meant for. The only thing you need to DECIDE is to TAKE ACTION now. I’ll help you with the rest.


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$2,833 Upfront. USUALLY $3,333.

Flexible Option

$1,166 x 3 Monthly Payments. USUALLY $1,333.

I’m almost always fully booked and this program is by application only so if you’re feeling the call, apply now. * When you confirm your spot in March for April, start you’ll receive 3 bonus sessions for FREE.*

I can’t wait to connect with you!

You deserve this.


P.S. Stop saying you can't afford this when you know the truth is that you can't afford not to. And if money mindset is an issue for you, of course we will heal this in the program.