7-Day Challenge

7-Day Health Reboot

This 7-Day Health Reboot was created to get your mind and body back on track with your health and wellness goals! When you show your body love by making healthy decisions, your body shows you love back by improving your energy, mood, overall health and even your appearance.
Includes: Health Reboot Hypnosis Audio & pdf to guide you along your 7-day journey!

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7-Day Confidence Challenge

This 7-Day Confidence Challenge was created to help you step into your power. Confidence is the one thing that affects all areas of your life. When you embody true self-confidence, every area of your life will expand and prosper. Throughout this challenge, you will not only build self-confidence but also self-love, self-appreciation, and self-worth!
Confidence Hypnosis Audio and pdf to guide you through your 7-day journey!

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